Difference between window decals & window clings

With the advancements in technology coupled with creativity in advertising, different methods are coming up through which awareness creation can be facilitated. Whether you are looking to meet your customers in the streets through the cars that drive in town or on the windows of your stores, window decals, window clings, and custom vinyl stickers are your best alternatives. However, to save time and money as well as reach the most massive audience, it is crucial to understand the difference between window clings and window decals. Here are some of the differences that you could look for and make the best decision for your marketing strategy.

Window Decals

These are high quality materials with printed messages stuck on car or store windows. They come with a varied adhesive backing that can be stuck on the inside or outside of the windows. Decals are usually semi-permanent since, after their installation, they are almost impossible to re-position. Additionally, it is essential to note that most cars come with tinted windows. Therefore, most of the decals are designed to be stuck on either side of the window facing the inside or outside of the car.

Which is the best decal for you?

Depending on the nature of your business and the type of the window you have chosen for the ad, you could choose from the clear, opaque, or perforated window decals. Clear decals have two-way visibility capabilities because they are clear everywhere that does not have the design printed—opaque decals obscure visibility with opaque white paintings that are opaque on either side. However, for store windows where you would like the people on either side to see through the glass, perforated decals could allow you to see people from outside the store with they only enjoy the view of the ad from outside.

How about Window Clings

They are also called static clings because of how they cling to surfaces. Made of thin vinyl film materials, window clings do not have adhesive sides. Instead, they attach to smooth surfaces using static energy. Unlike decals, they can be re-positioned once installed since they are temporary. They can be opaque, clear, or perforated.

Clings vs. Decals

Decals are usually preferred for their adhesive materials over the clings since they are more robust and can be appropriate for long term ads. However, since decals are semi-permanent, re-positioning on different windows after some time to break the monotony is impossible. Similarly, when removing the decals, you could require soapy water and a razor because they leave traces that have to be cleaned. However, clings are easily peeled off the window without having to clean up.

Which one to buy?

Both clings and decals have their pros and cons. Therefore, you have to evaluate the end-use of the sign before determining the material to buy. For restaurants that advertise soup of the day, or commercials that could easily be re-positioned, clings would be appropriate. However, you need to go decals if you need them on surfaces such as outside the car or store windows that are susceptible to wear and tear.